Current Makeup

I thought it might be helpful if I shared some amazing makeup I’ve been using lately with you.  It’s almost impossible to get a lot of variety for darker skin tones in drugstores, I really like Maybelline’s dream Matte Mousse in Cocoa though but It’s not for everyone and thats the darkest they go, I love to use it as a concealer rather than a foundation, I think it’s brightens up my under eyes nicely.
There’s a lot more variety with high end makeup and I would really recommend Chanel and YSL foundations, I personally like to go for medium to light coverage and I prefer a dewy glow rather than a matte finish but I think these brands have almost everything. Some of my friends have also said really good things about the YSL one so I’m not alone, I really love the finish that it has. I know lots of people think that they are really pricey, and prefer to stick with MAC, but they are around the same price as MAC, the YSL foundation was £29 and the Chanel was £30, but I would recommend them because a little really goes a long way with them. If you’re not too sure you can always ask for samples, I done that before buying them, and I’m really glad I did, I tried other brands out too, but I thought these were the nicest.
I also really like MAC’s pro longwear concealer, I think it really brightens up under the eyes. I’ve also been loving the real-techniques foundation brush, I bought it from Boots, and it’s really making me tempted to get more from the real-techniques range. 🙂 xoJust to let you know though, my friend went to get the Chanel foundation and she is only a tiny bit darker than me and they said that they didn’t have her shade, so she got the YSL foundation and it looks amazing on her, she has a really beautiful and natural glow after wearing it. Also, a few people have said the mac pro longwear concealer leaves them with creases under the eye, but mac do a really good under eye cream that makes the concealer appear much nicer. 🙂 x

Current Skin Care




I’ve wanted to try some new skin care products recently, I’ve heard lots of good things about Cetaphil, I’ve got quite sensitive skin so it was kind of a risk for me to purchase something new, but it’s always good to try things out. I wasn’t sure if it was working at first, and i had a bit of a break out in the early stages of using the cleanser. I stuck it out though and it worked out really well, i use it in the morning and evening and it’s really good for removing makeup, I would say you should make sure you take your eye makeup off separately first though. Since I had a really good experience with the cleanser, I decided to get the moisturiser as well and so far i love that too! I love products that you can use in the morning and night, i was looking for something like this for the longest time so i’m really glad i found these, and so far I’m liking them a lot. I will definitely let you know how I feel about them when I finish using them both, but so far so good 🙂 xo

Some Sunday Sun x








Blazer Next.Top Primark. Jeans Forever21.Shoes New Look

The weather started off quite nicely today (It’s raining now)  the sun was out this morning so i decided i wouldn’t wear a heavy jacket, but because i’m in England i knew i still had to play it safe, so i wore a blazer. My outfit was really casual, i went for jeans and a plain black top, but i thought the blazer and chunky necklace would dress it up quite nicely..I really like the blazer, i think it’s really lovely for the season, not just for dressing casual outfits up but it’s really warm! And the colours so pretty- I think i’ll be reaching for it quite a bit =) xo




My lovely cousin Gloria bought me a ticket to see Jay Z for my birthday!! We went to the last show last night and it was actually amazingg,, we went to WTT with Jay Z and Kanye West last year and had an amazing time so we were both really excited for this one… (was really hoping Bey would make an appearance) but its all good we still had fun.

I wore a black jumper with floral details, a printed skater skirt and Doc Martens. I went quite casual because i wanted to be comfortable and just have fun, the docs are pretty heavy on the feet but they are still really comfy. The skirt was nice and flowy so i was free to jump around, &  of course i was going to wear lots of black because of the whole ‘All black errrythang’ thing.

On my lips i was wearing Rimmel London 128 Starry- eyed mixed with Ruby Woo by Mac, the two made a pretty colour and ruby woo is matte and quite drying whilst the Rimmel Lipstick has a more satin finish so they complimented each other nicely and made a pretty colour perfect for autumn/fall.

(P.S. the background is blurred because it was very busy behind me hahaa and i actually love how it makes the picture look woo)

Jumper = Forever21….Skirt = Forever21….Tights= Primark….Necklace=H&M

Phone Pics x