Current Makeup

I thought it might be helpful if I shared some amazing makeup I’ve been using lately with you.  It’s almost impossible to get a lot of variety for darker skin tones in drugstores, I really like Maybelline’s dream Matte Mousse in Cocoa though but It’s not for everyone and thats the darkest they go, I love to use it as a concealer rather than a foundation, I think it’s brightens up my under eyes nicely.
There’s a lot more variety with high end makeup and I would really recommend Chanel and YSL foundations, I personally like to go for medium to light coverage and I prefer a dewy glow rather than a matte finish but I think these brands have almost everything. Some of my friends have also said really good things about the YSL one so I’m not alone, I really love the finish that it has. I know lots of people think that they are really pricey, and prefer to stick with MAC, but they are around the same price as MAC, the YSL foundation was £29 and the Chanel was £30, but I would recommend them because a little really goes a long way with them. If you’re not too sure you can always ask for samples, I done that before buying them, and I’m really glad I did, I tried other brands out too, but I thought these were the nicest.
I also really like MAC’s pro longwear concealer, I think it really brightens up under the eyes. I’ve also been loving the real-techniques foundation brush, I bought it from Boots, and it’s really making me tempted to get more from the real-techniques range. 🙂 xoJust to let you know though, my friend went to get the Chanel foundation and she is only a tiny bit darker than me and they said that they didn’t have her shade, so she got the YSL foundation and it looks amazing on her, she has a really beautiful and natural glow after wearing it. Also, a few people have said the mac pro longwear concealer leaves them with creases under the eye, but mac do a really good under eye cream that makes the concealer appear much nicer. 🙂 x

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