The pressure of 25…

It’s so weird but in the lead up to turning 25 I feel like so many of us feel quite a lot of pressure…

Before I turned 25, i’m pretty sure I was one of those people that had some really over the top/dramatic expectations for my life (e.g. own 100 mansions, get a rolls royce, get married and have a dream wedding). Goals are obviously amazing and very important – but I think some things are kind of out of our hands.

There is a lot of pressure, which I feel is particularly placed upon females – from being in the perfect career to getting married and loads more. If you’re a certain age and you’re feeling discontent with where you are in life based upon the standards of society, pressures from others, social media etc. I just want to tell you to stop for a second.

There’s deffo some amazing things that you’ve already accomplished and that you should be proud of. It’s almost like we’re always looking to the next thing and we forget how far we’ve already come.

Comparison is a thief of joy and sometimes we’re out here looking at what the next person is doing and then we start thinking we’re not doing well enough.

Listen, don’t hold yourself to the standards of what society says.

Writing down lists about the things you’re grateful for really changes your perspective. I like to do this a lot, but especially if I catch myself in a state of discontentment. By the time I’ve finished the list I notice that I have so much to be thankful for – even super simple things like having a new candle (it’s the little things hahaa).

Of course my family, friends etc. make it on there too but i’m just trying to paint the picture and show you that no matter  how small, there is always some light in the darkness.

Also in my gratitude lists, I like to add the things that i’m proud to have accomplished and it shows me that i’ve done more than I think. Social Media paints a picture that everyone around us is #GOALS and living their #BESTLIFE. As we all know it’s just a highlight reel of a persons best bits, sometimes you need to get busy looking into what you’ve done and how far you are, rather than focusing closely on what others are doing. I do really think it’s good to observe and be motivated by the accomplishments of others but it can be dangerous when you’re just sooo focused on how much better you think they are than you. Use it to motivate you but never to hurt you..

‘Dream big, work hard & never give up – you’re amazing!’ I actually heard this quote at a talk by Action Jackson – I loved it so much – it was really motivating and helpful to hear those words. I feel like everything i’ve written is obvious and been said before 1000 times but I still think it’s good to remind yourself of this. You can and you will accomplish so much in your life – write down your goals and literally begin taking action.

Don’t beat yourself up about where you are now and what you’ve not done. Everyday, every minute, every second and every hour is a fresh start and a chance to do something new and make a change.

Just before I turned 25, I was getting questions about marriage, babies, owning properties, career progression and so many more adult things. The questions were sometimes overwhelming and I started to question my current place – I felt like I could be doing more and I could be better and kept asking myself why haven’t I done this or done that or everyone has achieved this and I haven’t, but then I realised sometimes you need to focus on your lane. How do you win a race if you’re looking at what everyone else is doing, look ahead and stay in your lane and you’ll get further than you ever imagined. An occasional glance for motivational purposes is fine but you can’t be out here watching  everyone like a hawk.

Let’s get motivated to be better and thankful for what we’ve done – there’s more to come…

Be happy & own your current place boo xxx