Some Sunday Sun x


Some Sunday Sun x

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Some Sunday Sun x








Blazer Next.Top Primark. Jeans Forever21.Shoes New Look

The weather started off quite nicely today (It’s raining now)  the sun was out this morning so i decided i wouldn’t wear a heavy jacket, but because i’m in England i knew i still had to play it safe, so i wore a blazer. My outfit was really casual, i went for jeans and a plain black top, but i thought the blazer and chunky necklace would dress it up quite nicely..I really like the blazer, i think it’s really lovely for the season, not just for dressing casual outfits up but it’s really warm! And the colours so pretty- I think i’ll be reaching for it quite a bit =) xo

New Nails





I am pretty much obsessed with painting my nails, I have so many polishes it’s becoming a problem. I decided to go and get my nails done professionally for a change, but nothing too extravagant i love a neutral tone and i initially went for a very pale pink, i loved it and thought it looked so elegant, but they started getting quite nasty after a couple of weeks because my makeup started to discolour them (i know eww) so i painted over them myself…And then, the most awkward thing happened- I was lighting candles in my room and then the thumb nail literally caught fire but i blew it out and shook my hand crazily and it was alright in the end, i survived the ordeal.

I decided to go and get them re-painted, I went for another pale pink but a little darker this time and i got aztec designs on two nails =) I went with my lovely cousin Glor, who also got her nails did and they looked amazinggg. We’re going to see Jay Z and she thought it would be nice to get her nails re-done before hand. I really love the shape she went for, they are so pretty! I think i might do something similar next time, but for now i am sticking to my natural looking nails- lets pray that they don’t catch on fire  xo

My Hair Experience x




For my Birthday I got my hair done at HoneyHand hair salon.  I had heard good things about it and i never go to the hairdressers which is terrible so i decided to go and treat myself for a change.

I had a lace closure done because I am always straightening my natural hair which is really bad for it, so i thought the closure would give it a nice break, i am really keen to see if the closure has grown the front of my natural hair out.

I am using my Queen Collection Malaysian extensions which i love, it’s such nice hair and really silky and very low maintenance.

The hair was really curly but the hairdresser and i decided looser curls would look good, she blow dryed it straight and then used tongs to curl it.  I really loved it, on my actual birthday I ended up using bendy rollers because i wasn’t able to get it re-tonged but i was still very happy with it. I did really like the hairdressing experience, they were really sweet and gave me a cute little cupcake.

Seeing how much better my hair looks when done professionally makes me want to go to the hairdressers more often. =) xo

My 21st Birthday!


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It was my Birthday recently and I had a few of my friends and family round with music, food and drinks and I had the most amazing time. I wore a dress by the designer Gerda Truubon, who i interviewed for stylefoqus. The dress was amazing and so unique, I loved the colour (Burgandy) it sort of goes with the whole Fall/Autumn thing. There were amazing pearls and chains on the back of the dress so i decided not to over accessorise, I wore chunky stud earrings and a chunky gold bracelet that my mum got me from Paris.

It was my first time wearing a backless dress and I died trying to find a bra that would go (Awkward) but eventually I found one of them stick on backless and strapless bras from Primark, which worked really well =)

My Mum and I went to Paris together as a Birthday treat, which was really sweet of her,we went to Disneyland which was so good, but the only thing is that it was such a short trip, I will upload more from the trip soon x =)